Donation Campaigns

Contribuye hoy con el Proyecto NO+ Hambre organizado por AHAVA HOUSE INC. y la FUNDACION TELEVISTA de Barranquilla, y Que Vivan Los Niños De La Guajira!

Tenemos como propósitosito recolectar 600 mercados para distribuir entre 600 familias Wayuu que se encuentran en estado vulnerable en territorios de Rioacha y Manaure. Tu ayuda hará posible la compra de productos básicos necesarios.

Join the NO+ Hunger project organized by AHAVA HOUSE INC. & FUNDACION TELEVISTA of Barranquilla, Colombia, and HELP THE CHILDREN OF LA GUAJIRA LIVE!

Through the NO+ Hunger (NO MORE Hunger) program we have blessed hundreds of Wayuu families and children in need, in La Guajira, Colombia. The Wayuu tribes are among the poorest ethnic groups of the world. Each food pack is $11 US dollars, and is packed with food products to feed a family of 6 for 11 days. Your gift today can feed one Wayuu family of 6 for only $1 US dollar a day!

Your contribution to the Water For Life program will provide bagged water, Aquatabs water purification tablets, and filters to Wayuu families and children in La Guajira who thirst and are in such a need of clean water.

Wayuu children receive education under a home-based school system. Classes are held outdoors in their Rancherias under a tree, or in small open spaces. Each Rancheria counts with one or two government appointed educators, who know the Wayuunaiki dialect. These children lack the essential school supplies and learning tools, and depend solely on the teacher's board. Your contribution today promises a brighter future to a Wayuu child by getting Packed 2 Learn!

Wayuu children learn to read in Wayunaiki and Spanish. They love story books, and what best way to learn to read than going through colorful glossy printed pages that tell stories of Jesus and the heroes of the Bible!

Your donation today will provide new flip flops to the Wayuu indigenous children in La Guajira, Colombia. Thousands of Wayuu children need shoes to withstand the rough rocky terrains full of debris and the hot soil mixed with carbon dust. Thank you for leaving your footprints in La Guajira!